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Smelting (cooking) is a system used for many things, such as cooking food and making glass. To be able to use the smelter, the player will need to have a fuel and an item to smelt. The most easily obtained fuel is charcoal because it is made very easily from smelting wood first, meaning that you don't need to mine much, apart from the stone used to make the furnace. Also, it smelts as many items as coal, however normal coal needs to be mined. Some wooden items, such as sticks or wooden planks, can be used as a fuel also. Some fuel lasts longer than others. For instance, a bucket of lava will power the furnace ten times longer than charcoal.

Smelting Recipes

Cooking Food

Cooking food items usually makes it edible or heal more hunger points. Cooked meat can be obtained from animals if they die while on fire.

Input: Output
Raw porkchop Cooked porkchop
Raw bacon Cooked bacon
Raw chicken Cooked chicken
Egg Cooked egg
Raw beef Steak
Raw mutton Cooked mutton
Raw rabbit Cooked rabbit
Raw fish Cooked fish
Raw salmon Cooked salmon
Sugar Caramel

Smelting Resources

Input: Output
Cobblestone Stone
Sand Glass
Clay balls Brick
Netherrack Nether brick
Iron ore Iron ingot
Gold ore Gold ingot
Wood Charcoal
Cactus Green dye

Crafting a furnace

To be able to make a furnace you will need to require 8 blocks of cobblestone and craft in a square shape using a crafting table. This method is similar to crafting a chest, in that the center crafting square is left empty.

cobblestone cobblestone cobblestone
cobblestone Empty cobblestone
cobblestone cobblestone cobblestone

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