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Development on Mine Blocks started on June 13, 2011. This page shows the changelogs for the first 30 days.

1.4.34 can be played here:

Daily Changelog

Day 30


  • Made all mobs have a fire animation
  • Doors and torches have an orientation (like minecraft)
  • Redstone carries signal
  • Redstone is placeable and connects to other redstone
  • Added redstone torches
  • Rain puts out fires
  • Fixed a sheep glitch
  • Added scene number (not applicable yet) for the nether, ect.

Day 29


  • Added cows
  • Added sheep
  • New type of cloth
  • Added (useless) leather
  • Fixed creepers not discharging properly

Day 29

  • Fixed mob spawning glitch
  • Made tool damage same as Minecraft
  • Fixed swords
  • Mobs fly back when hit
  • Mobs now despawn randomly if they aren't on the screen
  • Fixed pigs' height issue

Day 28

  • Mob sounds
  • Creepers
  • Quality is changable
  • Swords
  • Raw and cooked pork
  • Pigs!
  • Beaches are redone
  • Fixed world generation glitches
  • Fixed mines not being seeded right
  • Added new biome (ruins)

Day 27

  • Added Zombie!
  • Gravel, flint, and flint and steel

Day 26

  • Cut chances of it raining in half
  • Press Q to drop items
  • Fixed all known major oven glitches

Day 25

  • Fire lights up
  • Clock
  • 4 individual bricks = 2 brick blocks
  • Bricks can now be placed and mined
  • Fire can be put out
  • Fire spreads to more places
  • Fixed lighting glitch

Day 24

  • Added natural fire
  • Fixed seaweed texture

Day 23

  • Ovens drop their contents when removed
  • Chests drop their contents when removed
  • Chests can now be removed
  • Rain and snow pause when the game is paused
  • Sounds and songs are muted while paused
  • Snow also turns lava and acid into obsidian
  • It doesn't rain in deserts
  • Changed rain sound volume
  • Fixed HUGE glitch

Day 22

  • Replaced blocks and items with actual Minecraft images

Day 21


  • Programmable keys
  • Added options menu in game

Day 20

  • Health increases slower (half a heart every 10 seconds)
  • Oranges and apples give 3 hearts
  • Jumping is a little higher
  • Added rain sound loops
  • Rain may seep through leaves
  • Added bricks
  • Added clay
  • Snow blocks form in 1x1 areas while it snows
  • Puddles form in 1x1 areas while it rains
  • Trees regrow slower
  • Rope can dangle from the ceiling
  • It gets darker while it's raining
  • Fixed a acid/lava hurt glitch
  • Weather is now random

Day 19

  • Fixed another oven glitch
  • Added rain
  • Added snow
  • Made thunder sounds in storms
  • Made moss form in rain

Day 18

  • Bamboo can replace sticks in the crafting table
  • Bamboo
  • Rope
  • Water, lava, and acid will pick up flowers, saplings, and torches!
  • Unstackable items won't stack when picked up
  • Befe (Major lag fix)
  • TNT saves it's state
  • TNT destroys more blocks
  • Beds are bouncy!

Day 17

  • Fixed scroll wheel
  • TNT

Day 16

  • Music
  • Beds
  • Fixed pause deleting inventory items
  • Volume select
  • Doors make sounds
  • Added clouds
  • Fixed doors, and ladders

Day 15

  • Snow blocks > Ice
  • Snow balls > snow block
  • Shovel makes snow > snow balls
  • Snow biomes
  • When exiting the inventory, the items that don't save get dropped
  • Buckets
  • 4 glass shards = glass

Day 14

  • You can select an inventory item with the scroll wheel
  • Moved inventory key from E to CONTROL
  • Fixed redstone drops
  • You don't have to let go of the mouse to mine another block
  • Drops try to find an open spot to slide to
  • Less fall damage
  • Fixed furnaces giving 2 for the first item
  • Pumpkins are less clumped together and aren't placed on beaches
  • Pumpkins are placable

Day 13

  • Iron, gold, and diamond blocks
  • Added version history ;)
  • It checks with you before deleting a world
  • Chests
  • If you're underwater, mining speed slows down
  • Mines don't remove flowers, wood, leaves, cacti, seaweed, nor coral when generating
  • Cacti and seaweed don't leave drops if they were placed wrong by the generator
  • Added a hurt animation
  • Ladders
  • Drops will time out if they exist for too long (5 minutes)
  • Drops have physics
  • Made deserts more rare, and water at a lower altitude
  • Changed the glass texture

Day 12

  • Coral
  • Loading screen and title screen
  • An "a" is added to a world name if it already exists.
  • If the seed number is empty, another random seed is picked
  • Jack-o'-Lanterns' lights go out when they are mined
  • Flowers, nor pumpkins are in the desert
  • Flowers
  • Seaweed
  • Pause screen (press Esc)
  • Ocean works
  • Smelting: Cobblestone > Rock
  • Smelting: Sand > Glass
  • Smelter
  • Tools appear in your hand when you mine
  • It gets darker the farther underwater you are

Day 11

  • Doors
  • Shovels
  • Axes
  • Tools disintegrate when they are worn out
  • Tool damage
  • Other pickaxes
  • Made stone drop only with certain tools, as with coal, iron, and other things
  • Wooden pickaxe
  • Tree's grow even if they are off the screen
  • Made grass calculation more random
  • If your selector leaves a block while you're mining, it stops mining
  • The block sounds repeat when mining a block, and the mining animation continues
  • Fixed spawning
  • The saved games drop down shows you the seed number

Day 10

  • Shift-clicking will also be used to dynamically change the state of objects
  • Tool tips in the inventory tell you what you have stored
  • Can't mine coal, iron ore, diamond, gold ore, redstone ore, or obsidian without tools
  • Added a block-decaying speed
  • Wooden pickaxe recipe
  • Crafting table
  • Drown damage
  • Underwater sound loop
  • Sounds play when a block is placed
  • Lights disappear when they leave the screen
  • Made sounds' volumes not interfere with each other
  • Saves every 20 seconds, water is calculated slower, and day/night is twice as long

Day 9

  • Added a time schedule (gets dark at night)
  • You can't place a block on yourself
  • You cannot replace a block
  • Torches stick to walls
  • World generation loading bar
  • Random seeds
  • Torches light up
  • Crafting: Added torch recipe
  • Crafting: Added a new script and made a stick recipe
  • Crafting: Wood = 4 wooden planks
  • You can walk through saplings
  • Grass grows under saplings
  • Tree's can be planted

Day 8

  • 1/10 chance on getting a sapling when the leaves die
  • Apple and orange trees
  • Cacti grow
  • Lava and acid hurt you
  • Water moving sound
  • Hurt sounds
  • Cacti will disapear if they aren't on sand or have a block next them
  • Cacti drain your health
  • Health and fall damage
  • Walking, falling, and mining animations
  • Grass
  • Placing items replaces liquids
  • Sand makes a sound
  • Item count decreases when placed, item disappears when item count is zero
  • Placing items
  • Number keys will select a item from the mini-inventory
  • Corrupted portion of the world don't crash
  • Panning and volume

Day 7

  • Stepping sounds
  • Items in inventory are movable
  • Lava and acid have physics
  • Obsidian, and cobblestone
  • Water has physics
  • You can't mine while paused
  • Sand burns in acid and lava
  • Ability to save and name worlds
  • Made jumping 2 blocks high
  • Saving and loading
  • Blocks are saved and disappear when they leave the screen
  • Sand falls
  • Can swim in liquids, and can target blocks in liquids
  • Mini-inventory
  • You cannot mine bedrock nor liquids
  • Inventory
  • Popping sound for collecting items
  • Block selector selects the right block, is over other blocks, and constantly re-calculates

Day 6

  • Fixed dropped items
  • Fixed mining



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