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Minecart rail
Minecart Rail.png
Mine with:Hand
Physics:Requires support, connects
Found naturally:No

The minecart rail is a non-solid block that can be used for carrying a minecart. It is one of the four types of rails: minecart rails, powered rails, activator rails, and detector rails.


The minecart rail can be broken instantly by hand.

It drops as an item if there is no block beneath it to support it.


The minecart rail is renewable, as iron ingots are dropped by zombies.

It is crafted using six iron ingots and a stick.

Iron Ingot Invisible-sprite Iron Ingot Iron Ingot StickStick Iron Ingot Iron Ingot Invisible-sprite Iron Ingot Minecart Rail16


If there is no block beneath a rail, it will break and drop as an item. If there is any type of rail one block towards either side and one block up, it will change its texture to appear connected to that rail. It allows entities and the player to walk through it, very much like a crafting table. However, minecarts float slightly above the rail.


The minecart rail allows the player to move faster using a minecart, because it moves quite slowly on regular blocks. The player can accelerate on rails using gravity by going downward, or by using powered rails.


Version Date Changes
1.26 May 31, 2014
  • Added minecart rails





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