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Type:Solid, created naturally
Mine with:Hand
Found naturally:Yes

Ice is a block created when water comes in contact with snowflakes. When walked upon, ice will decrease the walking resistance of a mob, as expected, causing increased speeds. There is also a way to craft ice using 4 snow blocks. If ice is broken, it will release water.


Ice can be generated naturally when it snows above a large body of water, mostly oceans. The snow will land on the water, turning that particular block into ice. It sometimes can generate in underground bodies of water.


Snow block Snow block
Snow block Snow block


Ice allows entities to move faster, and ice can also be used decoratively. It is most useful for crafting ice cream.

Empty bucket of milk Empty
ice sugar Empty
Empty bowl Empty
Ice cream


  • In very early releases of Mine Blocks, ice could move the player fast enough to open small world holes. Since proper chunk loading was introduced, this doesn't happen any more.


if you know about sands, if you got trap in minecraft... about ice when a wall is getting near and you walk fast from the ice you get glitched on the wall if there's enough ice near at the wall..


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