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Ice cream

Ice cream.png

Name:Ice cream
Heals:4 hunger and 1 health
Item ID:ice_cream

Ice cream is a food item that gives you the regeneration effect.


Ice cream is crafted using ice, sugar, a bucket of milk, and a bowl.

Empty bucket of milk Empty
ice sugar Empty
Empty bowl Empty
Ice cream


Ice cream heals 4 hunger points and 1 health points. It also gives the player the regeneration effect. When eaten, it gives the player back the bowl it was crafted with.


Version Date Changes
Before 1.26.5 July 3, 2014
  • Added ice cream (requested by @BrunoEpic0)
1.27 Nov 15, 2015
  • Ice cream crafting recipe now required ice
  • Eating ice cream now gives regeneration
  • Ice cream is now stackable

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