Frosted Ice

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Frosted Ice is a building block generated by the player. It looks exactly like ice, but quickly melts.

Frosted Ice
Frosted Ice.png
Type:Block, Solid, Building Block
Mine with:Hand
Stackable:Yes, 64
Found naturally:No


Frosted Ice is generated when the player walks on top water with boots enchanted with frost walker, turning surface water blocks near the player into Frosted Ice. The amount of water blocks transformed varies with the frost walker enchantment level: 5 with level I and 7 with level II. If a player with frost walker boots walks under water, frosted ice will still be formed normally.


Frosted Ice will begin to crack and turn back into water in around five seconds, but only at day time, it will not melt during the night.


Frosted Ice can only be obtained in creative mode or with cheats, since it does not drop itself when broken. The silk touch enchantment has no effect.


Its only practical use is temporarily making the surface of water solid to allow the entities to stand on top of it. Like regular ice, it increases the speed of entities walking on it. Frosted Ice will destroy lily pads that sit on the water blocks it replaces.


Version Date Changes
1.29 Sep 27, 2019
  • Added Frosted Ice