Block of Topaz

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Block of Topaz
Block of Topaz.png
Type:Block, Construction Material
Mine with:Iron pickaxe or higher
Stackable:Yes, 64
Found naturally:No

The block of topaz is a decorative block crafted out of topaz.


When mined with an iron pickaxe or above, the block of topaz drops itself.


The bock of topaz is crafted out of nine topaz. This is currently the only way to obtain it in survival.

Topaz Topaz Topaz Topaz Topaz Topaz Topaz Topaz Topaz Block of Topaz


The block of topaz can be used as a more compact way of storing topaz, because every block holds nine topaz and fills the same amount of inventory space.

Crafting ingredient

Topaz blocks can be crafted back into nine topaz.

Block of Topaz Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Topaz9


Version Date Changes
1.27 Nov 13, 2015
  • Added the block of topaz, crafted using nine topaz


  • 1.28: While topaz ore can be broken with a stone pickaxe, the block of topaz can only be broken with an iron pickaxe or above.


  • The crafting recipe for the block of topaz was the first and is currently the only use for topaz.
  • Topaz is often joked about in the Mine Blocks community because of its uselessness.
  • The block of topaz is the only mineral block which is named "block of [mineral]" rather than "[mineral] block".

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