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The inventory is the place where all collected items are stored, until the player moves them to chests or crafts them into new items.

Hot Bar

At the bottom of the screen, the player is presented with a hot bar. This is the bottom row of the inventory. It can store up to 9 different types of items. Hot bar items can be equipped by clicking on the item, using the scroll wheel to navigate to the item, or by pressing the 1-9 keys on the keyboard.also you can pick the block by pressing the middle mouse button.

Currently equipped hot bar items can often be interacted with by the player. For example, the selected block can be placed, the selected tool can be used to mine blocks, and food can be eaten. Many items can be interacted with by selecting it on the hot bar and pressing use (shift+left-click by default). Others, namely tools, will be used when mining.

Inventory Management

Items in the inventory can be rearranged. In the full inventory view (accessed by pressing E, or clicking the open inventory button near the hot bar), players can click on inventory items in order to pick them up and move them to a different slot. This will be necessary to move items to the crafting area, chests, furnaces, and other interfaces.

A "stack" is an inventory slot that has multiple of the same item. Some items, such as tools, can not be stacked. The maximum stack for most items is 64.

Players can split stacks by shift-clicking on them when picking them up. Players can also use shift-clicking to place individual items into slots.

There are a total of 45 maximum stacks you can total fit to hotbar and inventory.

Creative Inventory

The inventory looks a bit different in creative mode. Instead of showing the player's full inventory, the creative inventory shows a list of most of the available blocks and items in the game. However, there is a button to switch to the survival inventory when needed.

The creative inventory also features a trash can icon. Placing items on the trash can will delete them from the inventory. Shift-clicking the trash can will clear the entire inventory.

Crafting Area

The small crafting area is where users can craft basic recipes. It can be accessed by opening the inventory. See crafting for more information on this.

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Number Icon[ng] Name Newgrounds name Description [ng] Objective Points[ng] Requirements
3 Open the inventory Open Inventory You can craft or see your items in Mine Blocks. Open the inventory (press E or click the arrow on the tools HUD) 5


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