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Crafting Table
Crafting Table.png
Mine with:Hand, Axes
Found naturally:No

The crafting table is a block that gives the player a 3 by 3 crafting grid when used.


The crafting table can be broken by hand, but using an axe will speed up the process.


Because it is crafted using four wooden planks, it is possible to craft it after only collecting one piece of wood.

Wooden Planks Wooden Planks Wooden Planks Wooden Planks Crafting Table


When shift clicked, the crafting table will open up an interface. This gives the player access to their inventory and a 3 by 3 crafting grid. The player can craft in this interface things that they would not normally be able to craft, because the crafting grid in the player's inventory is only 2 by 2 blocks big. When the crafting table is exited, all items that were in the crafting grid will drop on the block the crafting table is on.

The crafting table can be walked through and does not count as a barrier for the player and other entities. However, it does not get destroyed by water and can be pushed by a piston like a normal block.


Number Icon[ng] Name Newgrounds name Description [ng] Objective Points[ng] Requirements
4 Craft a crafting table Crafting Table Enlarges the crafting area Create a crafting table in your inventory 5 ×4 Wooden Planks


Version Date Changes
Before 1.4.34 First three weeks of development
  • Added crafting table
  • Added wooden pickaxe recipe
1.18.2 Unknown
  • Fixed a bug that caused crafting not to work
1.19 Unknown
  • Changed the texture of the crafting table
1.23 Oct 31, 2012
  • Output of crafting table displays number properly
  • Holding seeds does not stop the player from being able to open doors, enter Crafting Tables, etc.
1.25 Oct 31, 2012
  • The crafting table interface, along with others, was updated


  • In early versions of Mine Blocks, the crafting table was a solid block and could not be walked through. It also appeared to be slightly taller than most blocks.
  • The crafting table has been in the game since the earliest available version of Mine Blocks


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