Coral Lantern

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Coral Lantern
Coral Lantern.png
Type:Item, Light source
Mine with:Anything
Stackable:Yes, 64
Found naturally:No

The coral lantern is a coral based light source.


When broken, the coral lantern drops itself.


The coral lantern is crafted with four blocks of coral and a torch. Due to coral being rare, this makes the coral lantern very expensive to craft.

Invisible-sprite Coral Invisible-sprite Coral Torch Coral Invisible-sprite Coral Invisible-sprite Coral Lantern


The coral lantern can be used as a decorative block. It gives off a purple glow, making it a unique light source.

The coral lantern requires a supporting block one block either below, or either side of it, otherwise it does not place or it drops as an item. If its supporting block is on the side, it will change its texture to appear connected to that block. If there are blocks both below it and at its side, whether it changes its texture depends on how it was placed.


Version Date Changes
1.26 Mar 28, 2014
  • Added coral lanterns


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