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Red Flower, Yellow Flower
Type:Natural, Flower
Mine with:Hand
Found naturally:Yes
Identifier:red_flower, yellow_flower

Flowers are plants commonly found in the forest and plains biomes.


Flowers can be broken instantly by hand.

Flowers break and drop as an item if they do not have dirt or grass as the block directly underneath them. If broken by flowing water, they do not drop anything.

Natural Generation

Flowers can be found on grass and dirt in the forest biome and the plains biome.

Flowers have a chance to spawn when bone meal is used on grass.


Flowers can be found in loot chests in ruins, dungeons, and skyholds.


Flowers can be used as decorations.

Flowers can be moved by pistons and sticky pistons.

Crafting Ingredient

The yellow flower can be crafted into two yellow dye.

Yellow Flower Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Yellow Dye

The red flower can be crafted into two red dye.

Red Flower Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Red Dye


Version Date Changes
First 3 Weeks Day 12
  • Added red and yellow flowers
1.18.3 Nov 04, 2011
  • Red and yellow flowers are used to craft red and yellow dyes
1.22 Jul 29, 2012
  • Retextured flowers


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