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The skyhold is a generated structure where the Ender portal is hidden. It can be located using the eye of ender.


The skyhold generates once per world in the Overworld. It is 40-70 blocks above the ground.


The skyhold is mainly made up of stone bricks. It has cobwebs generating randomly inside, quite sparsely.

The skyhold is made up of different rooms. These include:

  • Libraries
  • Rooms with pools of liquid (Water, Acid, or Lava)
  • Monster spawner rooms
  • Chest altar rooms
  • Ender portal room (one per skyhold)


Loot chests can be found in "altar" structures in the skyhold. These are the items that can be found:

Item Stack size Damage to Durability
Ender pearl 1
Name tag 1
Melon seed 2-4
Pumpkin seed 2-4
Beetroot seed 1-3
Cocoa beans 1-6
Wood 1-5
Golden apple 1
Odd rock 1-5
Oranges 1-5
Apples 1-2
Topaz 1-5
Stone pickaxe 1 50-100
Stone shovel 1 50-100
Stone sword 1 50-100
Stone axe 1 50-100
Cobblestone 1-15
Gold ingot 1-3
Diamond 1-3
Coal 1-6
Iron ingot 1-6
Redstone dust 1-10
Bamboo 1-20
Seaweed 1-9
Bucket 1
Wooden planks 1-8
Yellow flower 1-3
Red flower 1-3
Flint 1-4


Version Date Changes
1.23 Oct 31, 2012
  • Added the skyhold
1.24 Dec 22, 2012



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