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Odd Rock
Odd Rock.png
Found naturally:Yes

Odd rock is an ore found underground in the Overworld.



Odd rock can be obtained by mining a odd rock ore with an iron pickaxe or above.


Odd rock can be found in 21.8% of loot chests in stacks of 1-5.


Odd rock has some uses; the most important is for make the portal stone, which is necessary for the player to get to the Nether.

Crafting Ingredient

An odd rock is required in the crafting recipe for the odd torch. This gives two odd torches.

Odd Rock Invisible-sprite StickStick Invisible-sprite Odd Torch2

Portal stone requires one piece of obsidian and eight pieces of odd rock. This makes it necessary to collect 48 odd rock in order to get to the nether.

Odd Rock Odd Rock Odd Rock Odd Rock Obsidian Odd Rock Odd Rock Odd Rock Odd Rock Portal Stone

A monster spawner requires one diamond and eight pieces of odd rock.

Odd Rock Odd Rock Odd Rock Odd Rock Diamond Odd Rock Odd Rock Odd Rock Odd Rock Monster Spawner


Number Icon[ng] Name Newgrounds name Description [ng] Objective Points[ng] Requirements
31 Make portal stone Make Portal Stone The next step is going to the nether Make a portal stone 10 ×1 Crafting Table ×8 Odd rock ×1 Obsidian


Version Date Changes
1.11 Aug 05, 2011
  • Added odd rock
1.27 Nov 13, 2015
  • The texture of the odd rock was updated.


  • During April Fools 2016, Zanzlanz posted a picture (see below) of a "realistic tree" item, and reminded people of its crafting recipe, which he said was a sapling surrounded by eight odd rock.Source
  • The odd rock texture was updated. However, in the "Help" tutorials in the game, the old texture is shown in the Portal Stone crafting recipe.


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