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Zanzlanz is the creator of this glorious game based off Mojang's famous Minecraft. His real name is Alex Lanzetta. His official website is, where he posts his games, and other creations.

For more about Zanzlanz, view the about page on his website.

Other Games by Zanzlanz

Title with Link Description or History
Hexagon Tribute A difficult tribute game based off of Super Hexagon
I'd Change the World for You A simple platformer game for Zanzlanz's first full Ludum Dare competition (#24)
Lab Lights A challenging puzzle game made for miniLD #36
Human Apocalypse A quick survival game made for miniLD #35
of the Chambered A 2D Flash version of Notch's original game
Color Desorb An increasingly difficult arcade game centered around an interesting mechanic
Broken Cloud A fun rocket-launching game with upgrades and achievements
And several more, older games. [1] N/A