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Type:Liquid, natural
Mine with:N/A
Physics:Liquid flow
Found naturally:Yes, in caverns, skyhold and the nether

Lava is a liquid that flows similarly (but considerably slower) than water and acid.


If the player or any mob comes in contact with lava, they will quickly take damage and die, which means it can be useful to protect the player's base from mobs. Most items that fall into lava are incinerated on contact.

Bucket of lava

Lava can be easily collected with a bucket to get a bucket of lava.


Mixing lava and water will create cobblestone, which means it can be used to create a cobblestone generator.


If the lava is a source block (the lava block where lava flows out of), then obsidian is created. This same concept can be done if it comes in contact with rain and snow, except these create obsidian with any lava block, not just a source block. This means flowing lava can be used to generate obsidian when it is raining.


  • 1.27: The texture of lava was updated



  • In Survival mode, if the player pauses the game while in lava, the player still takes lava damage.
  • The player can avoid all damage from lava by standing directly between two different lava blocks. This is the same issue for Acid].


  • You can swim in the lava during creative mode.
  • You will die when you swim in lava in survival mode.
  • Lava can spawn on the roof of Nether caverns, causing massive lavafalls.
  • Lava flows much more quickly in the Nether than in the overworld.
  • Damage intervals seem random whilst in lava. This means the player, in lava, can die almost instantly, or slowly burn to death.
  • Armor does not reduce damage caused by lava. However, the damage caused by lava is reduced if your armor is enchanted with Fire Protection 3.
  • Unlike acid, armor does not increase the time between random intervals, dealing less damage. This means acid is more dangerous if the player has no armor, and lava is more dangerous is the player has armor.


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