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Items are anything that can show up in the player's inventory. Items can be found in various ways. The most common way to collect items is by mining blocks and killing monsters. To collect an item, the player must walk into the dropped item, making it jump into the inventory.

Building Blocks

Thumbnail Nether brick


Thumbnail Empty Bucket
Thumbnail Bucket of Water
Thumbnail Bucket of Lava
Thumbnail Bucket of Acid
Thumbnail Moss
Thumbnail Stick
Thumbnail Name Tag

Tools and Armor

Thumbnail Helmet
Thumbnail Chestplate
Thumbnail Leggings
Thumbnail Boots
Thumbnail Pickaxes
Thumbnail Shovels
Thumbnail Axes
Thumbnail Hoes
Thumbnail Swords
Thumbnail Bow
Thumbnail Arrow
Thumbnail Spear
Thumbnail Bone Shuriken
Thumbnail Shears
Thumbnail Flint and Steel
Thumbnail Fishing Rod
Thumbnail Clock
Thumbnail Compass
Thumbnail Santa Hat
Thumbnail Afro
Thumbnail Party Hat
Thumbnail Shades
Thumbnail Mustache


Thumbnail Egg
Thumbnail Fire Egg
Thumbnail Orange
Thumbnail Lemon
Thumbnail Apple
Thumbnail Golden Apple
Thumbnail Golden Apple Seed
Thumbnail Candy apple
Thumbnail Caramel
Thumbnail Sugar
Thumbnail Ice cream
Thumbnail Cooked Egg
Thumbnail Poisonous Potato
Thumbnail Beetroot Seed
Thumbnail Beetroot
Thumbnail Melon Seed
Thumbnail Melon
Thumbnail Glistering Melon
Thumbnail Pumpkin Seed
Thumbnail Lemonade
Thumbnail Apple Juice
Thumbnail Orange Juice
Thumbnail Bucket of Milk
Thumbnail Pumpkin Pie
Thumbnail Carrot
Thumbnail Golden Carrot
Thumbnail Wheat
Thumbnail Cocoa Bean
Thumbnail Cookie
Thumbnail Candy Cane
Thumbnail Potato
Thumbnail Baked Potato
Thumbnail Seeds
Thumbnail Raw Porkchop
Thumbnail Cooked Porkchop
Thumbnail Raw Beef
Thumbnail Steak
Thumbnail Raw Chicken
Thumbnail Cooked Chicken
Thumbnail Chicken Nugget
Thumbnail Raw Mutton
Thumbnail Cooked Mutton
Thumbnail Raw Rabbit
Thumbnail Cooked Rabbit
Thumbnail Raw Fish
Thumbnail Cooked Fish
Thumbnail Raw_Salmon
Thumbnail Cooked Salmon
Thumbnail Clownfish
Thumbnail Pufferfish
Thumbnail Spider Eye
Thumbnail Fermented_Spider_Eye
Thumbnail Rotten Flesh
Thumbnail Soup
Thumbnail Rabbit Stew
Thumbnail Beet Soup
Thumbnail Bowl


Thumbnail Redstone


Thumbnail Saddle


Thumbnail Blaze Powder
Thumbnail Empty Bottle
Thumbnail Bottle of Enchanting
Thumbnail Potions

Miscellaneous Items

Thumbnail Diamond
Thumbnail Iron Ingot
Thumbnail Iron Nugget
Thumbnail Gold Ingot
Thumbnail Gold Nugget
Thumbnail Coal
Thumbnail Charcoal
Thumbnail Odd Rock
Thumbnail Topaz
Thumbnail Ender Gem
Thumbnail Clay
Thumbnail Snow Ball
Thumbnail Glass Shard
Thumbnail Nether Brick
Thumbnail Glowstone Dust
Thumbnail Nether Wart
Thumbnail Bone
Thumbnail Bone Meal
Thumbnail Paper
Thumbnail Book
Thumbnail Ender Pearl
Thumbnail Eye of Ender
Thumbnail Blaze Rod
Thumbnail Dragon Scale
Thumbnail Slimeball
Thumbnail Magma Cream
Thumbnail Ghast Tear
Thumbnail String
Thumbnail Gunpowder
Thumbnail Flint
Thumbnail Feather
Thumbnail Leather
Thumbnail Gunpowder
Thumbnail Rabbit Hide
Thumbnail Rabbit's Foot
Thumbnail Spawn Egg
Thumbnail Dyes
Thumbnail Lapis Lazuli
Thumbnail Ink Sac
Thumbnail Balloon

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