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Type:Food, Item

Melon is a food item.



See also: Farming

When a melon block is broken with any tool, it drops 3-7 melons. Using a tool enchanted with Fortune can wield higher numbers. At Fortune 3, it may drop 3-9 melons.



Eating a melon gives the player 1.5 hunger points back.

Crafting Ingredient

A melon can be made into a melon seed.

Melon Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Melon Seed

A melon is required in the crafting recipe for a glistering melon.

Gold Nugget Gold Nugget Gold Nugget Gold Nugget Melon Gold Nugget Gold Nugget Gold Nugget Gold Nugget Glistering Melon

Nine melons are required to craft a melon block.

Melon Melon Melon Melon Melon Melon Melon Melon Melon Melon Block


Number Icon[ng] Name Newgrounds name Description [ng] Objective Points[ng] Requirements
26 Eat some food Eat Food Say "omnommnom" while you do that! Eat some food, such as raw porkchop or an orange 5 Any food


Version Date Changes
1.27 Nov 13, 2015
  • Added the melon


  • The melon and the glistering melon are flipped 90 degrees compared to each other.
  • In the image files of Mine Blocks, melon is referred to as a melon slice, while its id and in game name are both melon.
  • The algorithm for deciding how many melons a melon block drops is min(9, 3+random(0 to 4 inclusive)+random(0 to fortuneLevel inclusive)). Although this means that both Fortune 2 and 3 have the same maximum drop of 9 melon slices, Fortune 3 is more likely to get this maximum drop. If we ignore the first random function and assume it gives 4, in total 7 so far, then with Fortune 2 there is a 1/3 chance of getting +2, so 9 in total, while with Fortune 3 there is a 1/2, because both +2 and +3(which would result in the min function choosing the 9 over the 10 total), result in 9 melons.

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