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Food is an important element to the Survival Mode of the game. With less than 7 points, you won't regenerate health. Food allows you to sprint unless your hunger bar has gone down to 3 points. With 0 points, you will start to starve and lose health. Food can be eaten by shift clicking when holding the item.


Item Gives Comments
Apples 2 hunger points
Oranges 2 hunger points
Lemons 1.5 hunger points
Cookies 1.5 Hearts and 3 hunger points
Raw meats (raw beef, raw mutton, raw porkchop, raw chicken, raw rabbit) 2 hunger points, chance of being poisoned
Cooked meat (steak, cooked mutton, cooked porkchop, cooked chicken, cooked rabbit) 4 hunger points
Raw fish (raw fish, raw salmon) 2 hunger points
Cooked fish (cooked fish, cooked salmon) 3 hunger points
Caramel 1 Heart
Cake .5 hearts and 2 hunger points per slice A full cake is 7 slices, for a total of 3.5 hearts and 14 hunger points
Cactus Cake 1 damage, 2 hunger points, 4 seconds of Regeneration I per slice A full cactus cake is 7 slices, for a total of 7 damage, 14 hunger points, and 28 seconds of Regeneration I
Lemonade 2.5 hunger points
Apple Juice 2.5 hunger points
Orange Juice 2.5 hunger points
Soup 3 hunger points
Chicken Nugget 2 hunger points
Cooked Egg 2 hunger points
Bread 3 hunger points
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