Raw Porkchop

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Raw Porkchop
Raw Porkchop.png
Type:Food, Item
Heals:1.5 hunger points to the player or 2.5 health points to dogs

Raw porkchop is a food item dropped by pigs.



Pigs drop 0-2 raw porkchops upon death.


Smelting Ingredient

Cooking it in a furnace will result in a cooked porkchop. Cooked porkchop gives back more hunger points than the raw porkchop.

Raw porkchop
Cooked porkchop


Raw porkchop heals 1.5 hunger points for the player, but has a 33% chance of conferring hunger poison for 25 seconds.

Raw porkchop heals 2.5 health points when fed to a dog.

It is a good idea to cook the porkchop first, because that way it gives back more hunger or health.


Version Date Changes
1.6 Unknown
  • Added the raw porkchop
  • Dropped by the pig

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