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Farming is a simple, yet useful part of the game. There are many types of plants and many kind of terrain to use.

How to farm

Sugarcane, bamboo, cactus, and seaweed

These plants grow from upwards from one of themselves, so the player can break the block above the first one, causing all the ones above to fall as items, and it will carry on growing.

  • Sugarcane can be placed on dirt or sand and it will grow up to 4 blocks tall.
  • Bamboo can be placed on dirt, and it will grow up to 10 blocks tall.
  • Cactus can be placed on sand, and it will grow up to three blocks tall.
  • Seaweed can be placed into a source water block on sand or dirt. It can only grow in source blocks, and it can grow up to 10 blocks if there is enough water.


  • Saplings grow into trees. They can be regular without any fruit, or contain apples, oranges, or lemons. Bone meal can be used to speed up growth. If the wood blocks are removed, the leaves will begin to decay, dropping saplings and any fruit they had inside.
  • The golden apple seed, if placed on a gold block grow into a tree which actually has golden apples in its leaves. Bone meal cannot be used on the golden apple tree sapling. It is renewable though because if put into the crafting grid, it will give golden apple seeds.


  • To plow dirt activate the hoe tool and shift-click on the dirt. It's only known purpose is to use in making a farm.


  • Mushrooms also grow spontaneously on bare mycelium and can be harvested freely, but mycelium cannot be moved or bone mealed. Mycelium can only be moved by piston.
  • Mushrooms are farmed by planting small mushrooms and using bone meal on them to grow giant mushrooms, which each yield multiple mushrooms when harvested.

Bone meal


  • If farmland does not have water near it, it turns back into dirt.
  • You can actually plant red flower and yellow flower, but is pretty much useless since they don't grow.
  • You can place blocks of land on the water to make it easier to cross the ocean / sea and grow without buckets ^.^

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