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Saplings are young trees that eventually grow, making wood and fruit renewable.


Saplings have a chance of being dropped by leaves when destroyed or decayed. You can also get them by using Bone meal on a grass block.


Saplings also have a chance of spawning when bone meal is used on grass.


Saplings can be walked through by entities.

Growing trees

Saplings grow into trees when placed, if certain conditions are met. In order for a sapling to grow, it must be placed in an open area on grass.

In these conditions, after some time it will naturally grow into a tree. It can also be done instantly by shift+left clicking with bone meal. Upon growth, the sapling has a random chance of growing as a fruit tree, containing either apples, oranges, or lemons in the leaves, or just as a tree with plain leaves.


Saplings can be used in a Composter in order to get more bone meal.


# of items smelted
It is better to grow the tree, as that could give 20 or 24 wooden planks, smelting an item each.


Number Icon[ng] Name Newgrounds name Description [ng] Objective Points[ng] Requirements
11 Grow a tree Grow Tree They're a renewable resource. Plant and let a tree grow 5 ×1 Sapling


Version Date Changes
Prior to 1.4.34 Day 9
  • Trees can be planted [added saplings]
  • Grass grows under saplings
  • You can walk through saplings
Prior to 1.4.34 Day 11
  • Saplings can grow into trees offscreen
Prior to 1.4.34 Day 20
  • Saplings grow into trees slower
1.23 Oct 31, 2012
  • Infinite-trees-from-one-sapling bug fixed
1.27 Nov 13, 2015
  • Bonemeal on grass can produce a sapling
  • Saplings can be a fuel in the furnace


  • In Minecraft, you have to use bonemeal multiple times for the tree to grow quicker.
  • The texture of saplings was changed, however it is unknown which update this was.
  • Blocks that fall on top of saplings are destroyed.

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