Soul sand

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Soul Sand

Soul sand.png

Name:Soul Sand
Mine with:Shovel
Found naturally:No
Item ID:soul_sand

Soul sand is a nether related block that can be used to grow nether wart.


Soul sand can be mined with anything, but using a shovel will speed up the process.


Soul sand is crafted from dirt and netherrack. This is currently the only way of obtaining soul sand.

Netherrack Dirt
Empty Empty
Soul sand


Soul sand slows down the movement of entities, including the player.

Nether wart

Soul sand is the only block nether wart can grow on.


Version Date Changes
1.27 Nov 13, 2015
  • Added soul sand


  • Soul sand has faces on it. These are meant to be the "souls" that give soul sand its name.

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