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Nether Wart


Name:Nether Wart
Type:Item, crop
Found naturally:No
Item ID:nether_wart

Nether wart is a crop that is grown on soul sand.


When a fully grown crop is harvested, it drops 1-3 nether wart. If broken before maturing, it will drop nothing.


There is a small chance that a nethereye killed by the player in the Nether drops nether wart. The chances of this can be increased using the looting enchantment. Currently, this is the only way of obtaining nether wart if the player does not have any yet.


Nine nether wart can be obtained from a nether wart block.

Nether wart block Empty
Empty Empty
Nether wart


Nether wart will break and disappear if placed on anything other than soul sand.


To grow nether wart, the player must place nether wart into a soul sand block, and wait a while to get a full grown nether wart. When fully grown, it has a chance of dropping more than one, allowing you to expand your farm. This can be done in the Overworld, as well as the nether.

Crafting recipes

Nine pieces of nether wart are required in the recipe for a nether wart block.

Nether wart Nether wart Nether wart
Nether wart Nether wart Nether wart
Nether wart Nether wart Nether wart
Nether wart block


Nether wart is used to brew the awkward potion.

Input (into brewing stand) Result
Bottle of water+Nether wart Awkward potion


Version Date Changes
1.27 Nov 13, 2015
  • Added nether wart
  • Grown on soul sand
1.28 Oct 8, 2016
  • Nether wart is used in brewing


There are currently no known bugs with nether wart.




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