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Type:Solid, natural
Mine with:Hands, shovels
Found naturally:Yes

Mycelium is the scientific name for what we call mushroom roots. Mycelium can be found naturally in a mushroom biome where dirt would normally be found. Giant mushrooms, along with normal mushrooms, generate on mycelium. Mycelium also emits small particles, representing mushroom spores. Once you've mined a block of Mycelium, it will become normal dirt. If you place dirt in a mushroom biome, it will not convert into Mycelium.


  • In previous versions the only way to get mycelium in your farm was to push it from the mushroom biome to your farm with a piston.
  • Mycelium can be mined with a tool enchanted with silk touch. If the tool contains silk touch it will drop mycelium.
  • Mycelium cannot be converted into farmland without turning it into dirt.

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