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A biome is a type of terrain in Mine Blocks. There are a total of 7 biomes in Mine Blocks in the overworld.

Biome Types


The forest biome is by far the most important biome in the game. If a forest biome doesn't generate in a survival world, the player might have a very hard time advancing, because forests are the only biomes that can grow trees. Trees provide wood, a resource essential for crafting tools. The only other way to receive wood is by finding it in chests which can be found in ruins and dungeons or by using bone meal on dirt and receiving a sapling.

Trees in a forest may grow apples, lemons, and oranges. This makes forests useful as a source of food.

Forests (as well as plains) also grow mushrooms, flowers, sugarcane, bamboo, pumpkins, long grass, and shrubs.

The floor of a forest is primarily consisted of grass and dirt, but the terrain generator might add gravel too.


Plains are long, flat stretches of dirt which, like forests, contain mushrooms, flowers, sugarcane, bamboo, pumpkins, long grass, and shrubs.


The desert biome is a sandy, flat biome. It is the only biome to grow cactus. The desert biome can be used for making glass and finding big amounts of water. The desert biome mainly consists of sand, and a medium amount of clay (used to make bricks).

As well as cacti, deserts also generate with shrubs.

Rain does not fall in deserts.

Cowctus naturally spawn here.


A biome that has land coming up. Their surface blocks are covered in grass, and dirt blocks go one to two blocks below the surface, with stone underneath that. Embedded in these mountains are ores, especially coal, and gravel. Sometimes, mountains can connect to form mountain ranges.

This biome only grows bamboo.


Water biomes are big pools of water on the surface. These include waterfalls, seas, lakes, and small ponds. Most water biomes contain sand on the sides and bottom.

In ocean biomes, seaweed, coral and squid generate.


Ruins can be found in the overworld of Mine Blocks. Most contain loot chests full of precious goods. The ruins themselves are made up of cobblestone. Ruins can contain different numbers of chests which can spawn with different items. They could contain a chest with a bunch of diamonds, or a chest with wooden tools. Some of the items that can be found in these chests are: redstone, iron ingots, gold ingots, stone tools, wood, golden apples, and cocoa beans.

Moss generates on the cobblestone in ruins.


Mushroom biomes are made up of giant mushrooms and mycelium. The player may also encounter a mooshroom. Mushrooms naturally spawn here.

Snow Regions

Snow regions are areas in biomes which snow during rainy weather. They can generate in any biome apart from the desert. These areas usually generate with snow layers on the surface blocks.


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