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Dungeons are rooms found underground with loot and a monster spawner.


Dungeons generate underground in the Overworld.


Dungeons are 7x4 block large rooms, with moss stone flooring and cobblestone walls surrounding them, making them 9x6 blocks large in total.

Dungeons have monster spawners in the middle of the layer above the floor, which can make them dangerous to enter, as monsters can kill the player.

They may have up to two loot chests in them as well, which can contain items (though a chest also has a chance of being empty). The items in these chests can be as useless as string or as valuable as diamonds.


The loot table for the loot chest is the same as that of any other loot chest in the world, for example in ruins or the skyhold.

This is the loot table:

Item Stack size Damage to Durability
Enderpearl 1
Name tag 1
Melon seed 2-4
Pumpkin seed 2-4
Beetroot seeds 1-3
Cocoa beans 1-6
Wood 1-5
Golden apple 1
Odd rock 1-5
Oranges 1-5
Apples 1-2
Topaz 1-5
Stone pickaxe 1 50-100
Stone shovel 1 50-100
Stone sword 1 50-100
Stone axe 1 50-100
Cobblestone 1-15
Gold ingot 1-3
Diamond 1-3
Coal 1-6
Iron ingot 1-6
Redstone dust 1-10
Bamboo 1-20
Seaweed 1-9
Bucket 1
Wooden planks 1-8
Yellow flower 1-3
Red flower 1-3
Flint 1-4


Version Date Changes
Unknown version Unknown release date
  • Added dungeons


  • The size of the dungeon is not the same as the spawning radius of the monster spawner


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