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Stackable:Yes, 64
Item ID:spear

The spear is a throwable weapon. It can be thrown unlimited times, as it can be picked back up from the ground. However, when thrown at a mob, it has a 1/3 chance to break. Otherwise, it pierces the mob, dealing 5 hit points (2.5 hearts of damage) per spear.


To craft spears, place a flint in the top slot and sticks in the middle and bottom slots of a column. The recipe crafts four spears.

flint Empty Empty
stick Empty Empty
stick Empty Empty


  • Sometimes while running and throwing simultaneously, the spear will collide with the player, causing damage.


  • Spears don't get stuck on leaf blocks.
  • They can be used to explode the healing crystals in the End on the top of the towers.
  • This is the most effective ranged weapon in the game because of its easy crafting recipe, and heavy piercing damage

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