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Red dye.png
Found naturally:Depends on Dye
Renewable:Depends on Dye
Identifier:See Data Values

Dyes are items used to change the color of other items or mobs.



Red dye is crafted using the rose.

Red Flower Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Red Dye

Yellow dye is crafted using the dandelion.

Yellow Flower Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Yellow Dye

Bone meal can be crafted using Bone.

Bone Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Bone Meal

Combining Dyes

Dyes can be crafted using other dyes.

First color Second color Result color
Yellow Red Orange
Blue Red Purple
Green Blue Cyan
White Red Pink
Pink Purple Magenta
Blue White Light blue
Green White Light green
Black White Gray
Gray White Light gray


Green dye is made by smelting cactus in a furnace.

Mob Loot

Ink sacs are used as black dye. They are obtained from fishing or by killing squids.

Chest Loot

Cocoa beans are used as brown dye. They appears in 21.8% of loot chests, in stacks of 1-6.


Lapis lazuli is used as blue dye. It is obtained by mining lapis lazuli ore.


Dying Sheep

Right clicking or Right clicking on a sheep while holding a dye uses up the dye and changes the color of the sheep's wool, and so it drops colored wool when sheared.

Dying Dog Collars

Right clicking on a dog while holding a dye uses up the dye and changes the color of the dog's collar.

Crafting Ingredient

Unlike other dyes, cocoa beans cannot dye leather armor or be used to craft party hats. Lapis lazuli and bone meal are able to dye armor, but are also unable to be used to craft party hats.

The party hat is crafted using three different dyes.

Paper Red Dye Yellow Dye Green Dye Party Hat

Dyes are used to dye wool, glass, leather armor, bed, and balloons.

Usually, if you put an item that has already been dyed together with a new dye, it takes the color of the new dye. However, wool works slightly differently, and the colors will blend together in the way that crafting dyes work (eg. red wool and lapis lazuli craft purple wool). The only exception to this rule is white wool, which always directly takes the color of the dye.

Other Uses

Cocoa beans, lapis lazuli, bone meal and ink sacs, which can be used as brown, blue, white and black dyes respectively, can be used for other things. See the individual pages for more information.

Data Values


There are four other items which use separate identifiers which are also used as dyes. The identifier for all other dyes is dye.

Identifier Preview

Data Tags

Dyes have a type data tag, which determines the color. The default type if no type is specified is gray. Although white, black, blue, and brown dyes can be obtained, they are not fully functional as bone meal, ink sacs, lapis lazuli, and cocoa beans are used instead.

Type Preview


Version Date Changes
1.18.3 Nov 04, 2011
  • Added 3 dyes
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Orange
1.19.4_6 Unknown release date
  • Added lapis lazuli, used as blue dye
1.21 May 17, 2012
  • Added bone meal, used as white dye
1.22 Jun 29, 2012
  • Added cocoa beans, used as brown dye
  • Added six dyes
  • Light blue
  • Light green
  • Pink
  • Magenta
  • Purple
  • Cyan
1.23 Oct 31, 2012
  • Fixed white cloth and red dye making pink cloth
1.27 Nov 13, 2015
  • Dyes now used to craft the party hat
1.28 Oct 08, 2016
  • Ink sac, used as black dye
  • Gray dye
  • Light gray dye
  • Dyes can be used to change the color of dog collars
  • All dyes are now one item with different type tags
  • Dyes can be used on leather armor.
1.29 Sep 27, 2019
  • The dye now has a default type when given through commands (gray)
  • The dye can be used to dye the bed
  • Using dye on leather armor no longer repairs it


  • 1.29.2: Cocoa beans cannot be used to dye armor, but brown dye can. TheTopazRobot (talk) 12:24, 6 January 2020 (UTC)
  • 1.29.2: Cocoa beans also cannot be used to craft party hats, along with lapis lazuli, bone meal, and ink sacs, but the unobtainable dyes can. TheTopazRobot (talk) 12:24, 6 January 2020 (UTC)


  • There are four unobtainable dyes, brown, blue, black, and white which can be given using commands. They are not properly obtainable because cocoa beans, lapis lazuli, ink sacs, and bone meal are used instead to get their respective colors. These dyes are not totally functional, however they can be used to dye sheep, and to craft the party hat.

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