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Fishing is a way to get items using a fishing rod.

Catching Fish

To fish, press shift + click/right click with a fishing rod in the selected hotbar slot while aiming at a water source. When the bobber moves down, to reel it in press shift + click/right click and the caught item will return with the hook towards the player.


A fishing rod is crafted using 2 string and 3 sticks

Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite StickStick Invisible-sprite StickStick String StickStick Invisible-sprite String Fishing Rod


Fishing loot is split into three categories. Each category has a chance of being chosen, and within each category, there are different probabilities of getting different items. The table shows the probabilities for fishing with an unenchanted fishing rod.

The Luck of the Sea enchantment, per level, decreases the percentage chance of getting a fish by 2%, decreases the chance of getting junk by 1%, giving a 3% higher chance of getting treasure.

The Lure enchantment, per level, increases the chance of getting a fish by 2%, and decreases the chance of getting junk by 1.5%, and decreases the chance of treasure by 0.5%.

Item Probability
Fish 85%
Raw fish 60%
Raw salmon 25%
Pufferfish 12%
Clownfish 3%
Junk category 10%
Bowl 9.1% (5/55)
Leather 9.1% (5/55)
Leather shoes 9.1% (5/55)
Rotten flesh 9.1% (5/55)
Stick 9.1% (5/55)
String 9.1% (5/55)
Water bottle 9.1% (5/55)
Bone 9.1% (5/55)
Fishing rod (Note 1) 5.5% (3/55)
Dirt 3.6% (2/55)
Seaweed 9.1% (5/55)
Ink sac 9.1% (5/55)
Clay ?
Sand ?
Treasure category 5%
Bow (Notes 1 & 2) 20%
Fishing rod (Notes 1 & 2) 20%
Book (Note 2) 10%
Name tag 20%
Saddle 10%
Lily pad 20%
Coral ?
  • Note 1 - Durability left is 60%-80% of maximum durability
  • Note 2 - Enchanted to a random level between 20-30


  • You can fish in any source of water, not just from a natural lake.
  • A garden can produce crops as well as fish. You can fish in the water in your garden.
  • If you wait too long to reel in your fishing rod, you will lose your catch

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