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Drops:Raw mutton, wool (depending on the color of sheep), Mustache (if spawned with it)

Sheep are commonly found passive mobs that spawn on lighted dirt/grass blocks.


Sheep spawn on grass blocks in the Overworld. They can spawn with wool of a variety of colors, most commonly white, however also black, gray, light gray, brown and most rarely, pink.


The sheep drops raw mutton upon death, or cooked mutton if it dies while on fire. It also drops wool if it still has its coat.

When sheared with shears, the sheep drops 1-4 wool. This is usually gives more wool than killing the sheep, and also has the advantage of the sheep being able to regrow it later to be sheared again.

Naturally Spawned Equipment

A sheep can spawn with a mustache, this makes the sheep drop the mustache once sheared.


Like all passive mobs, if hit, the sheep will attempt to escape from the player for a short period of time.

When a sheep loses its wool (primarily by means of shears), it will eventually eat a grass block (turning it into dirt) in order to regrow its coat. This allows it to be sheared again.


A sheep can be dyed any color by using dyes on a sheep. When sheared, the sheep will drop wool with the color it was dyed with. If two dyes sheep are bred, the offspring will be a combination of the colors, for example a red and yellow sheep make a orange sheep.


# Task Objective
15 Slay a Sheep. Kill a sheep.




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