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Fire is an entity that can spread to adjacent flammable blocks, eventually destroying them.


Fires can start or spread in these ways:



Fire spreads to nearby flammable blocks from fire, lava, and the flaming chicken.

Most wooden blocks are flammable, such as wood, leaves, bookshelves, grass, flowers, and bamboo. This means that if they catch fire they will burn until they break.

If the block ignited using flint and steel isn't flammable, fire will appear briefly, then disappear.

Burning Mobs

Mobs can be set on fire using flint and steel, and will continue to burn them until they die, unless they enter water. Some mobs, including most Nether mobs, are immune to fire damage. Mobs with raw food drops will have their meat cooked upon fire death.

Eternal Fire

Fire will burn indefinitely on netherrack, unless it is put out.


Fire spread can be toggled via the gamerule "dofiretick" via commands. To disable the spreading of fire, use gamerule dofiretick false. This makes it so that fire does not spread and is not put out naturally.


Version Date Changes
1.6 Jul 20, 2011
  • Added fire
1.24 Dec 22, 2012
  • Netherrack doesn't randomly catch on fire in the Overworld
1.27 Nov 13, 2015
  • Added "doFireTick" game rule
  • Fixed mobs not being put out of fire when swimming in water, while quality is set to low
  • Reduced amount of block types that lava can set on fire


  • 1.28: Fires are not properly retained when the blocks are unloaded.[Citation needed]

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