Ender Pearl

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Ender Pearl

Ender Pearl.png

Name:Ender Pearl
Stackable:Yes (64)
Physics:Projectile when used

The ender pearl is an item used for teleportation, and for crafting eyes of ender.



The ender pearl has a 50% chance of being dropped by an enderman upon death.

Natural Generation

Ender pearls can be found in 21.8% of loot chests in stacks of 1.



The ender pearl can be thrown by holding down right-clicking. Like other projectiles such as eggs or snowballs, the ender pearl has an animation when the player is getting ready to throw it, and the longer the player holds down right-click the farther the ender pearl will travel. When it hits a block, it teleports the player to its location and takes 2.5 hearts of their health.

Crafting Ingredient

The ender pearl is used to craft the eye of ender, which can be used the fill the ender portal to go to the End.

Empty Empty
Blaze powder Ender pearl
Eye of ender

Easter Egg

Renaming the Ender pearl to 'Teleporter' on an anvil will change the Ender pearl texture to the Teleporter from The Henry Stickmin Collection. Using the Teleporter, Henry Stickmin will appear randomly near the player for a brief second.


Number Icon[ng] Name Newgrounds name Description [ng] Objective Points[ng] Requirements
35 Teleport with enderpearl Teleport Use an enderpearl to teleport! Use an ender pearl 5 ×1 Ender pearl


Version Date Changes
1.23 Oct 31, 2012
  • Added the enderpearl
1.26 May 31, 2014
  • Increased the drop rate of enderpearls
1.27 Nov 13, 2015
  • Fixed blaze powder + ender pearl making 2 eyes of ender
1.29 Sep 27, 2019
  • Changed item name and identifier "Enderpearl" to "Ender Pearl"


  • Although the name of the ender pearl was changed from "Enderpearl" to "Ender pearl" in 1.29, the task is still called "Teleport with Enderpearl".


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