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Drops:Enderpearl, Diamond (Diamond drop is very rare, likely 1-5%)

Endermen are 3 block tall neutral mobs. They are known for their teleportation, and abilities to pick up and place certain blocks in the world. When they are killed, they drop enderpearls.

They may be slightly more difficult to find, as they cannot spawn where 2-block-tall mobs can spawn. They will appear in dark areas, such as at night or underground. In the End, they spawn much more regularly, in any lighting conditions.


The enderman's attack will only start when the player 'stares' at them for a short amount of time, upon which they will start shaking. This behavior stops immediately after the player looks away. After this point, the enderman will continue to follow the player with behaviors similar to a fast zombie. The speed of which an enderman sprints towards the player is slightly faster than the player's walking speed.

Endermen occasionally teleport when damage is inflicted upon them. The location where they teleport depends on different factors, such as what caused the damage. In some cases, the enderman may teleport too far from the cause of the damage to pursue the attacker. Then, unfortunately for the player, the ender pearl is not collected.


Endermen when looked at will chase you. If you enter your house to escape one, it may teleport in after you.

Sometimes endermen teleport to the roof by mistake.


Version Date Changes
1.23 Oct 31, 2012
  • Added the enderman


  • The enderman may some times hold a block where all of the items are scrolling through. It is unknown what causes this.


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