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The End is one of the three dimensions in Mine Blocks (the other two being the overworld and the nether). In order to enter the End, the player is required to have blaze powder and craft eye of ender. The End consists of mainly enderstone. There are large obsidian towers around the dimension with healing crystals on top to heal the Ender dragon. Also found in the end are obsidian, obsidian backdrops, torches, ender gem ore, and one sign.

When the player enters the End, they will be standing on an obsidian platform with torches. The only way out is to die or kill the Ender dragon. It is very difficult to do this. Diamond armor and weapons are ideal when entering.

Finding the portal

To find the ender portal, use eye of ender, let it fly, follow it when it drops, pick it up, and let it fly again. Keep repeating until it stops moving. once it stops moving left or right, build up to the skyhold (this will take around 64 blocks). To go into the end, place all seven of the eye of ender in each portal frame.

Creating the portal

To create the portal, get 7 portal frames and 7 eyes of ender. Place the frames in a row, then put eyes on each frame. Then the portal is created. Note: The portal can only be created in creative.


  • The enderman can spawn in any condition.
  • You can also get out by going into the nether.
  • Prior to 1.27, dying in the dimension oftentimes destroyed the overworld
  • If the player goes rightwards of the main island, they can find a secret island with a sign on it saying "Fus Ro Dah!". Fus Ro Dah is a magical spell used in a dragon shout that summons a powerful force from the speaker's throat in the game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It means "Force, Balance, and Push".


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  • 1.23: First Appearance


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