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Type:Block, Liquid
Mine with:Collect with bucket
Found naturally:Yes, Underground, Skyhold

Acid is a liquid found in caves or caverns and in special rooms within the skyhold.


Like all liquids, it can be collected with a bucket.

Natural Generation

Acid generates in caverns and certain rooms in skyholds.


Acid is similar to lava, causing damage when coming in contact with the player and destroying items, but flows similarly to water and allows the same swimming speed.

Burning Blocks

Unlike lava, downward flowing acid destroys dirt, grass, wood, leaves, sand, and gravel on contact, and does not cause wood-based blocks to catch fire. Acid does not flow through backdrops unless it burns through them.


Like lava, acid gives off light which is brighter than a single torch, but with a smaller radius. A player spotting light in a cave should consider the possibility of the source being a pool of acid and should explore with caution.


If a block of acid is to have water added to it, it will turn into cobblestone which can be used for crafting and building.


Version Date Changes
First 3 Weeks Day 7
  • Acid has physics
  • Acid burns sand
  • Liquids cannot be mined
  • Can swim in liquids, and can target blocks in liquids
First 3 Weeks Day 8
  • Acid causes damage to the player
  • Placing items replaces liquids
First 3 Weeks Day 15
  • Acid can be picked up in a bucket
First 3 Weeks Day 18
  • Acid breaks flowers, saplings, and torches
First 3 Weeks Day 20
  • Fixed a acid/lava hurt glitch
1.7 Unknown release date
  • Snow can turn acid into obsidian
1.19 Nov 19, 2011
  • Liquid physics resemble Minecraft's
1.19.4 Dec 11, 2011
  • Liquid physics fixed
1.23 Oct 31, 2012
1.26 Mar 28, 2014
  • Acid does damage more quickly
1.27 Nov 13, 2015
  • The texture of acid was updated
  • Liquids finally fill empty spaces below them
  • Fixed acid being 'completely wacko'
  • Acid destroys all leaf types (Found by Aftermoth)



In Survival, even if the game is paused, players can still take damage to acid. Acid lowers the players HP to 0 until the game is unpaused, which then the death screen shows.


  • Acid is not a feature of Minecraft
  • Strangely, downward flowing acid will not destroy mycelium, leaf blocks with fruits in them, crafting tables, note blocks, or bookshelves, even though these blocks are related to blocks that are destroyed by acid.
  • Another similarity of acid to lava is that adding water to a flowing block of acid will create cobblestone. This is strange, since in real life, lava is a form of molten rock which solidifies when cooled by water. Adding water to acid only results in diluting the acid.
  • Damage by acid is dealt in random intervals, meaning that the player might either dissolve in seconds, or slowly take damage. This behavior is similar to lava.
  • In Mine Blocks, Acid is known for toying with the surface of the overworld. Avoid placing acid near builds made of wood, as it may dissolve your home, and leave a huge crater in the aftermath if not taken care of fast enough.


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