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Caverns are reservoirs of liquid (water, lava, or acid) found underground in the Overworld and in the Nether.


Caverns are structures that generate underground in the Overworld, and randomly in the Nether (as the nether has no main ground level).


They consist of a pool of liquid and an air pocket above it. The depths of both of these are randomly generated, and are different for each column in the cavern. The liquid found in the pool can be any naturally generating liquid, either water, lava, or acid, and this is the same throughout the cavern. Obsidian can be rarely found if two or more caverns generate next to each other, as a combination of water and lava is needed for obsidian to form.


Version Date Changes
1.4.34 June 13 2011 Added caverns
Unknown version Unknown Release Date Caverns now randomly generate


  • Caverns can be very useful for beating the game as they may contain lava, which is needed for going to the nether.
  • Caverns are a very old feature, dating to the first version of the game.


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