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A ladder is a block made of bamboo or sticks that allows the player to climb vertically without having to build staircases.

Mine with:Hand or higher
Found naturally:Yes



A ladder is crafted out of 7 bamboo or sticks. To craft a ladder, place bamboo or sticks in an "H" shape in a 3x3 crafting area, 3 vertically on each side, and 1 in the center. Afterwards, you will get 3 ladders out of that.

StickStick Invisible-sprite StickStick StickStick StickStick StickStick StickStick Invisible-sprite StickStick Ladder3

Spawn place

Although they don't spawn in biomes (like mountain, desert, forest, etc.) it can spawn naturally on the Skyhold. They spawn one above the other on different places of the Skyhold.

Creative mode

It can be found on the "Decorations" tab on the creative inventory, between Stick and Wooden Fence.


Ladders can be placed one above the other, and the player can then go up and down. To go up, hold the up button or "w". To go down, let go of the up button. If falling, the player can land on a ladder and they will descend at a normal rate without taking fall damage. To avoid falling from a ladder, the player can press "S" or down arrow to stay in that part of the ladder.

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