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Gray Carpet.png
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Type:Block, decorative
Mine with:Hand
Stackable:Yes, 64
Found naturally:No

The carpets are decorative blocks made with wool, whose color will depend directly on the color of the wool used in its manufacture.


Carpets can be broken by hand. There is no speed increase on breaking carpet with any tool. It will also drop in contact with flowing water.


The carpets are a purely decorative block. They can be placed on top of most blocks, except for a few such as Liquids, Backdrops, Doors, Bamboo, and Flowers. Carpets can be pushed by a piston and pulled by a sticky piston and slime block. If the blocks that have physics like the anvil fall on the carpet, they will break and fall by themselves, but there are exceptions such as liquids that will break the carpet.


To craft a carpet, you must collect wool. You can get wool by cutting sheep with scissors or by using spider thread, which in turn is obtained from the strings that spiders drop when they die. Once you have enough wool, simply place it on the workbench and you can create rugs in any color you like.

Types of carpet that there are:

Name Ingredients Recipe Description
White Carpet Two Wool

Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Wool Wool White Carpet

White Carpet
Red Carpet Two Red Wool

Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Red Wool Red Wool Red Carpet

Red Carpet
Green Carpet Two Green Wool

Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Green Wool Green Wool Green Carpet

Green Carpet
Blue Carpet Two Blue Wool

Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Blue Wool Blue Wool Blue Carpet

Blue Carpet
Brown Carpet Two Brown Wool

Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Brown Wool Brown Wool Brown Carpet

Brown Carpet
Cyan Carpet Two Cyan Wool

Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Cyan Wool Cyan Wool Cyan Carpet

Cyan Carpet
light Blue Carpet Two light Blue Wool

Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite light Blue Wool light Blue Wool light Blue Carpet

light Blue Carpet
light Green Carpet Two light Green Wool

Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite light Green Wool light Green Wool light Green Carpet

light Green Carpet
Magenta Carpet Two Magenta Wool

Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Magenta Wool Magenta Wool Magenta Carpet

Magenta Carpet
Orange Carpet Two Orange Wool

Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Orange Wool Orange Wool Orange Carpet

Orange Carpet
Pink Carpet Two Pink Wool

Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Pink Wool Pink Wool Pink Carpet

Pink Carpet
Purple Carpet Two Purple Wool

Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Purple Wool Purple Wool Purple Carpet

Purple Carpet
Yellow Carpet Two Yellow Wool

Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Yellow Wool Yellow Wool Yellow Carpet

Yellow Carpet
Light Gray Carpet Two Light Gray Wool

Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Light Gray Wool Light Gray Wool Light Gray Carpet

Light Gray Carpet
Gray Carpet Two Gray Wool

Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Gray Wool Gray Wool Gray Carpet

Gray Carpet
Black Carpet Two Black Wool

Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Black Wool Black Wool Black Carpet

Black Carpet
Rainbow Carpet Two Rainbow Wool Rainbow Carpet


Version Date Changes
1.27 Nov 13, 2015

Added carpet (One for each wool type).

1.27 Nov 13, 2015

Added rainbow carpet.


  • The wool and the rainbow carpet can be obtained through the creative inventory.

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