Fence Gate

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Fence Gate
Wooden fence gate.png
Type:Block, Decoration
Mine with:Wood:Axes
Nether Brick:Pickaxes
Identifier:fence gate

The fence gate is an decorative item that connects to fences.


The wooden fence gate can be collected by hand, but using an axe would speed up the process.

The nether brick fence gate can be collected by hand, but using a pickaxe would speed up the process.


Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite StickStick Wooden Planks StickStick StickStick Wooden Planks StickStick Wooden Fence Gate3

Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite StickStick Nether Bricks StickStick StickStick Nether Bricks StickStick Nether Brick Fence Gate3



The player can open or close the fence gate by shift-left-clicking on it.

Unlike the door or trap door, the wooden fence gate cannot be opened using redstone power.

Trapping Entities

Although it only appears to be one block tall, it is actually 2.5 blocks tall. This means that entities which cannot jump more than 2.5 blocks cannot get through it, making it useful for trapping mobs such as a cow, for milk, or a chicken, for eggs. Players need the jump boost effect to jump over it. If a player or mob falls onto a fence gate from above, it will act as a normal block, only 1 block tall, until that entity falls of, making it useful for one way staircases. Blocks can be placed above fences.

When there is a solid block or another fence or fence gate of the same type next to it, a fence gate will connect to that block. Unlike fences, fence gates do not lose their collision box if connected to something on both sides, only if they are opened. This means that they can serve as a barrier between fences that only the player can get through. Fence gates do not connect to fences or fence gates of a different material.


# of items smelted
Wooden fence gate
Only the wooden fence gate can be used as fuel, not the nether brick one.


Version Date Changes
1.27 Nov 13, 2015
  • Added the fence gate


  • There is a small chance of the player running through fence gates.
  • Chickens and possibly rabbits can pass through the closed gates inside the fence but not the ones on the outer edges like under tip. This means you can't separate cows from chickens without separating the fence.

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