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Enchantment Table
Enchantment table.png
Mine with:Hand,Pickaxes
Found naturally:No

The enchantment table allows the player to enchant certain items.


The enchantment table can be mined with anything, but a pickaxe is fastest.


Enchantment tables are expensive to make. To craft it you need 3 obsidian blocks at the bottom, 1 obsidian block in the middle, 2 diamonds on each sides in the middle, and on top middle, is a book.

Invisible-sprite Book Invisible-sprite Diamond Obsidian Diamond Obsidian Obsidian Obsidian Enchantment Table


The player is able to walk though the enchantment table.

The enchantment table can be used to enchant tools, books, armor, and the empty bottle.


See the related page for enchanting for details about enchantments and their effects.

The enchantment table gives three options, each usually costing a different level of experience points to obtain, which typically results in better enchantments.

These items can be enchanted using an enchantment table:

Empty Bottle

The empty bottle can also be enchanted, which turns it into a bottle of enchanting. It is a effective a way of storing XP. This is useful, because when the player dies they only drop half of the XP in their experience bar. When enchanting a empty bottle, the levels needed shown is the levels needed to enchant the bottle but not the levels used when enchanting. Enchanting a bottle always uses 10 levels, and if the player enchanting has less than 10 levels, the enchantment only takes the total XP the player has. Meaning that if a player with less than 10 levels enchants a bottle and uses it afterwards, the player will have 10 levels, more than the player originally had.

Increasing the Quality of Enchantments

To increase the quality and tier of the enchantments, bookshelves (and/or bookshelf backdrops) may be placed in the area around the enchantment table. The bookshelves must be placed so that the enchantment table is in the middle of the bottom row. The more bookshelves around the table, the more XP levels you can use per enchantment, which results in higher enchantment. It takes 27 bookshelves in order to enchant with 54 levels at once, which is the highest possible tier (therefore, more than 27 bookshelves would be redundant).


Version Date Changes
1.25 May 11, 2013
  • The enchantment table was added


  • The code used in the enchantment table can be decoded. It uses the standard galactic alphabet.
  • The appearance of the enchantment table used to better match obsidian's, but that was changed in update 1.27.


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