Sticky Piston

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Sticky Piston
Sticky Piston.png
Type:Solid, Redstone
Mine with:Hand
Physics:Pushing, Pulling
Found naturally:No

The sticky piston is like the piston, however it is also able to pull blocks.


The sticky piston can be broken by hand.


Sticky pistons are crafted by placing a slimeball over a piston in a crafting table.

Slimeball Invisible-sprite Piston Invisible-sprite Sticky Piston


When the sticky piston is powered by redstone, it extends, pushing any block it may have on its face. When the redstone power is turned off, it will retract, pulling back the block. It cannot push or pull bedrock, portal stone, or other powered pistons. It will also cause some blocks to drop as items rather than moving them. It is only able to push seven blocks, and it can only pull back one.


Version Date Changes
1.26 May 31, 2014
  • Added the sticky piston
1.27 Nov 13, 2015
  • Fixed pistons pushing doors (Found by Aftermoth)
1.28 Oct 08, 2016
  • Fixed pistons not transferring all block data, and optimized their code - Video by WSDGuy2014


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