Pressure Plate

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Pressure Plate
Stone pressure plate.PNG

The pressure plate is a block that gives off redstone power when it has an entity on it.


Pressure plates can be broken with anything.


The pressure plate is crafted using two pieces of stone.

Invisible-sprite Invisible-sprite Stone Stone Pressure Plate


The pressure plate can be placed on top of any solid block. If a pressure plate does not have a block below it, it will drop as an item.

Redstone Output

The pressure plate gives off redstone power if the player or a mob is standing on it. Unlike the wooden pressure plate, it does not give off power if an item entity is dropped on it.

When activated, the pressure plate becomes thinner to show that it has been pressed down into the block below it.


Version Date Changes
1.8.8 Jul 29, 2011
  • Added the pressure plate

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