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Crafting is a main feature of survival mode that requires the combination of resources to create new things.
In the inventory, the player has a small 2 by 2 crafting area, which can be used to craft simple items. In order to get a large, 3 by 3 crafting area, the player must craft a Crafting Table (See below).


[edit] 2 by 2 Crafting Area

This is the crafting area every player has at all times.

[edit] Crafting a Crafting Table

This is the crafting recipe for how to create a bigger crafting area. On the left, you see 4 wooden planks combined to make the crafting table, which is produced on the right.

Wooden planks Wooden planks
Wooden planks Wooden planks
Crafting table

[edit] 3 by 3 Crafting Area

If you place a Crafting Table into the world and shift-click it, you will see a 3x3 grafting grid like so:

[edit] Crafting Recipes

There are hundreds of crafting recipes in Mine Blocks. Visit the blocks and items pages to see individual recipes.

[edit] See Also

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