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Blocks make up the worlds of Mine Blocks. They are are generated before the game starts and the player can add, remove, and change blocks throughout their adventures. There are dozens of different blocks to encounter in Mine Blocks. Some are rare like obsidian, some are abundant, like stone. Some can only be crafted, and even some are in different dimensions!


[edit] Naturally Generated

Thumbnail Grass
Thumbnail Dirt
Thumbnail Long grass
Thumbnail Shrub
Thumbnail Stone
Thumbnail Sand
Thumbnail Cactus
Thumbnail Wood
Thumbnail Leaves
Thumbnail Apples
Thumbnail Oranges
Thumbnail Gravel
Thumbnail Water
Thumbnail Lava
Thumbnail Acid
Thumbnail Dandelion
Thumbnail Rose
Thumbnail Brown mushroom
Thumbnail Red mushroom
Thumbnail Coal Ore
Thumbnail Iron ore
Thumbnail Gold ore
Thumbnail Diamond ore
Thumbnail Odd stone ore
Thumbnail Lapis ore
Thumbnail Topaz ore
Thumbnail Redstone ore
Thumbnail Giant mushrooms
Thumbnail Bedrock
Thumbnail Moss stone
Thumbnail Mob spawner
Thumbnail Cobblestone
Thumbnail Chest
Thumbnail Bamboo
Thumbnail Sugarcane
Thumbnail J
Thumbnail Block of bamboo

[edit] Life Based

[edit] Wood Based

[edit] Stone Based

[edit] Liquids

[edit] Nether

[edit] Industrial

[edit] Man Made


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