Ender Dragon Egg

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Ender Dragon Egg
Ender Dragon Egg.png
Type:Non-Solid Block
Mine with:Special Mining Technique
Drops:Ender dragon egg
Stackable:Yes, 64
Found naturally:Yes

The ender dragon egg appears in a chest when the ender dragon is killed. It currently can only be used for display.


The egg is obtainable after defeating the ender dragon. When defeated, it will be in a chest along with 16 diamonds.

If it is hit by the player, it will teleport, so the only way to collect it once placed is to push it with a piston, which drops it as an item, or to make it fall onto a non solid block like a torch, which also causes it to break.


The ender dragon egg has no purpose currently other than to be a symbol of your victory over the ender dragon.

It is affected by gravity.


If the player hits or shift clicks on the egg, it will teleport away. It can teleport in both horizontal and vertical directions.


Version Date Changes
1.23 Oct 31, 2012
  • Added ender dragon fight
    • Added ender dragon egg
1.28 Oct 8, 2016
  • The ender dragon egg can now be placed
  • Updated ender dragon egg graphic


  • The ender dragon may have been a pregnant female because it drops an egg.
  • Although only one can be obtained in survival, the egg can be stacked up to 64 in creative, making it a stackable item.
  • The dragon egg can be re-obtained by having a torch placed a block under the egg, with the egg on top of the block. Mine the block supporting the egg.
  • The Dragon egg can't be burned by lava or fire, muck like dragon scales.

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