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Survival mode is a game mode (and is the main game mode) in Mine Blocks that requires the player to think ahead while playing. The player will need to make food to avoid hunger, make a house to keep out the monsters, mine materials for later use, and craft tools to get other materials. This game mode also requires players to think smartly and effectively. If precautions aren't made, the player may die and lose all of their items.


In survival, the player has the ability to play however they want, with limited resources that they must collect themselves.

Player given goals in survival mode include making a successful house, collecting rare materials and blocks, and living in a perfect world. Once ready, the player can go to the End and slay the ender dragon, which is thought by many to be "the completion of the game".

Turning on Survival Mode

Starting a game in survival mode requires that the 'Survival' option in the main menu is checked when creating a new world.


When creating a world, the player has the option of turning on "bonus chest", which gives the player some resources that can be useful in starting out.


Using the command:" /gamemode survival " changes the mode to survival in a world with commands activated. The player can also type "s" or "0" instead of typing out "survival".

Survival Tips and Tricks

In order to advance, the player must collect resources. These are some of the steps that help a player advance in survival.

Making Tools

Tools are essential in advancement, as axes and shovels speed up the breaking of certain blocks, and pickaxes allow the player to collect blocks and minerals they would not otherwise be able to collect, such as coal, used to craft torches.

Certain tools can be found in the bonus chest, such as a stone axe, or a wooden pickaxe. The full list of items that can generate in the bonus chest can be found on the chest page.

The first step to crafting tools is to get wood from trees. It are essential, because it is crafted into wooden planks, which is used to create a crafting table, which is the next step in being able to craft tools. Wooden planks also are used to make sticks used as tool handles. Bamboo can be substituted for sticks in any recipe.

The individual crafting recipes for tools can be found on their specific pages.

Building Shelter

While not necessary in absolute terms, it is a good idea for the player to build a base in which they operate. The main purposes of a shelter are to keep the player safe from monsters, and for the player to have a place to keep all their necessary blocks, such as furnaces and chests.

Protection from Monsters

The player being protected from monsters is fundamental for a base because creepers can potentially spawn and if they get too close to the player, can blow up surrounding blocks, potentially destroying valuable blocks. The creeper's explosion, as well as the attacks of other hostile mobs, can also kill the player, which can cause inconvenience and could be a major setback in the player's development, as upon death a player drops all their items and half their xp, meaning that they could lose their items if they do not get back and collect it in time.

To keep the player safe from hostile mobs, torches can be used to light up the shelter and the area around it, as monsters can spawn anywhere dark, and during night time this extends to anywhere in the world not lit up, since there is no natural sunlight. The player can also put up walls to keep mobs from getting in, as most mobs cannot jump more than 2 blocks. However, this does not stop mobs from spawning in the walled off area, which can only be done by lighting up the area.

Organizing Blocks

It is a good idea for the player to have chests, furnaces, and crafting tables in their base, as these allow the player to store, smelt, and craft items, which are very essential requirements for advancement in the game. Having these close together will speed up advancement, as the player will not have to travel long distances to move items.

Other later game item editing blocks the player might require are the enchantment table which is used for enchanting, and the anvil, used for combining items with their enchantments.

Obtaining Food

Food is necessary in survival mode, as it keeps the player's health regenerating and keeping the hunger bar from reaching 0 points prevents the player from starving, which causes death.

Some food can be generated in the bonus chest, for example 1-3 bread. The full list of items that can generate in the bonus chest can be found on the chest page.

Killing Mobs

Animals can be killed for their meat, which can be a good food source. To get as much out of it as possible, it is best to cook the meat first using a furnace, as this restores more food points and removes the risk of hunger poison.

Zombies can also be killed for rotten flesh, however this food source does not give many food points, has a 50% chance to apply hunger poison for 25 seconds.


Main article: Farming

Food, such as potatoes and carrots, can be obtained through farming.


Main article: Fishing

Food, such as raw salmon and raw fish, can be obtained through fishing with a fishing rod.

Obtaining Water

Water is a useful resource as it is required for farming crops, such as wheat, which can be a good food source. It can be picked up using a bucket, and is found in oceans and caverns.

If a player is struggling to find water, there are also other ways of obtaining it.

Water can be obtained without other water sources in this way: during rain, a 1x1 hole can be made in dirt, with dirt on both sides and below the air block.

In a snow biome where it does not rain, water can be obtained by collecting 16 snow balls, crafting them into 4 snow blocks, and then crafting ice. This can then be placed and broken, leaving behind a water source.


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