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Creeper New.png
Charged creeper.png
Drops:0-2 Gun powder

CreeperHead Creepers are hostile mobs that explode when close to the Player_head player.

This mob has 20 (♥ × 10) Health and will drop gun powder when killed.


Creepers spawn in any dark area, such as underground or on the surface at night. It only spawns in the Overworld.

Charged creeper

This creeper variant spawns when a vine is hit on the head by lightning, which will spawn a charged creeper.

The charged creeper has a larger blast radius than a normal creeper, equally with the damage since a Charged_creeper_head charged creeper is capable of killing you with a single explosion, in any case it does more than 10 heart of damage ( 20 (♥ × 10) ).


A creeper can be spawned in another way besides its respective spawn egg, with the command /summon creeper you can spawn it.

In addition to that you can add data tags to customize the creeper. examples:

  • /summon creeper 1 ~ ~ {name:"creeper", health:40, drops:[{item:{id:"tnt", name:"Boom"}}]}
  • /summon creeper 1 ~ ~ {name:"charged creeper", health:6, charged:1, defaultDrops:false, drops:[{item:{id:"tnt", name:"Super Boom"}}]}


Creepers drop Experience_orb_2 experience points when killed.

It will also drop 0-2 Gun powder gun powder. They do not drop anything if they explode.


Crafting with the creeper drop:

Gun powder Sand Gun powder Sand Gun powder Sand Gun powder Sand Gun powder TNT


The Creepers will try to follow the Player_head player to kill him with their explosion, the damage it will do to the player depends on the distance between the player and the creeper.

When on the same block as the player it does 12 (♥ × 6) without armor, on top of that they can jump two blocks high.

If a creeper approaches a player, he hisses from a lit fuse. If the player doesn't back up far enough (or kill them first), it explodes destroying some blocks in its environment and drops some blocks as items.

If a creeper is set on fire with flint and steel flint and steel, it will explode even if the player hasn't hit it or if its head is underwater, it won't explode.

An effective method of killing a creeper that is spotted ahead of time is to create a wall that is at least three blocks high and a one block overhang on the creeper's side.


Number Icon[ng] Name Newgrounds name Description [ng] Objective Points[ng] Requirements
22 Slay a creeper Kill a Creeper They explode if you fail! Kill a creeper 5


Version Date Changes
1.7 Day 28
  • Added the creeper.
1.26.5 Jul 03, 2014
  • Updated the texture of the creeper.
1.29.0 Sep 27, 2019
  • MobGriefing for creepers properly matches gamerule by default.
  • Added Charged creeper


  • In Minecraft, creepers are effective at killing players due to the first-person camera, as well as their quiet nature. Mine Blocks creepers end up at a disadvantage compared to their Minecraft counterparts because The player can easily see behind them before they have a chance to get close.
  • Unlike zombies and skeletons, creepers do not catch fire in daylight.


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