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Drops:Arrow, Bone

Skeletons are hostile undead mobs.


Skeletons spawn in dark places in the Overworld, which includes the surface at night.

Besides spawning randomly, skeletons will also spawn from monster spawners, making monster spawners a convenient way to get their drops.


When killed, skeletons drop 0-2 arrow and 0-2 bones. They also have a chance of dropping a bow with random durability as a rare drop.


If a skeleton gets close enough to the player, it will start following them around. They will also attempt to shoot arrows at the player at regular intervals. They usually have good aim, but good maneuvering can help avoid their attacks. They walk a bit faster than zombies and they have 20 health points (10 hearts).

As with zombies, when skeletons come in contact with sunlight, they catch on fire and take damage. Waiting until the morning to hunt for skeletons can be a good tactic because they will already be taking damage from the sun.


# Task Objective
17 Slay a Skeleton. Kill a skeleton.


Version Date Changes
1.21 May 17, 2012
  • Added the skeleton
1.22 Jun 29, 2012
  • Skeletons can shoot arrows
  • Skeletons have sounds


  • 1.28: Skeletons sometimes shoot themselves with their own arrows if moving while they shoot


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