Snow ball

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Snow ball


Name:Snow ball
Physics:Projectile if fired
Found naturally:No
Item ID:snow_ball

The snow ball is a projectile.


Snow golem

The snow ball is dropped by the snow golem.


Snow drops a snow ball when it is dug using a shovel or shears.


Crafting recipes

The snow ball can be used to craft the snow block.

Snow ball Snow ball
Snow ball Snow ball
Snow block


Snow balls can be fired from dispensers.


When the player shift clicks while holding a snow ball, it will be fired. Snow balls are affected by gravity. While they cause damage to mobs, fired snow balls do not interact in any way with the player.


These will presumably be fixed in 1.29 when snow balls become part of the new projectile code.

  • 1.28: When fired by a snow golem, the snow ball moves at a slower velocity.
  • 1.28: While they cause damage to mobs, they fly straight through the player.

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