Snow golem

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Snow golem

Snow Golem.png

Name:Snow golem
Type:Neutral Mob
Drops:Snow ball

Snow golems (or snowmen) are a neutral mob in Mine Blocks. They will throw snowballs at hostile mobs, or monsters, keeping them back. If the player hits a snow golem, it briefly starts throwing snowballs at the player.


Snow golems are created by placing a pumpkin on top of two snow blocks.


Snow golems are 2 blocks high with a snow body, coal buttons, stick arms and a pumpkin head.


  • The snow golem and the ender dragon are the only mobs that never despawn, in any difficulty, until killed.
  • Since Update 1.28, snow golems will leave an snow trail in the blocks that they walk in.
  • Although aggressive snow golems shoot snowballs at players, the player will not be hit by the snowballs thrown by them. This may change in 1.29, however.


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